10 Connections Between Jesus, Christianity, and Ancient Egypt

10 Connections Between Jesus, Christianity, and Ancient Egypt

There are numerous claims and conspiracies surrounding the obvious lifetime of the actual Jesus. Among the most attention-grabbing are people who revolve round connections to historic Egypt and even the likelihood the real-life Jesus was of pharaonic descent and the rightful Pharoah in hiding in Jerusalem.

How legitimate these claims could be is clearly open to debate, however they’re certainly intriguing and never as outrageous as we’d first suspect. Certainly, if such notions show to be correct, they are going to power us to rethink each non secular and world historical past.

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10 The Alpha Omega within the King’s Chamber

No doubt, one of the crucial intriguing factors on our checklist is the invention of the Alpha Omega symbols on the sarcophagus within the King’s Chamber within the Nice Pyramid. They had been discovered by the researcher Robert E. Grant in 2018. This discovery was unusual as there was no point out of those markings in any earlier literature on historic Egypt.

In a weird twist, Grant defined the way it was simple to see the way it had been missed. This was, he claimed, due to their positioning and the dearth of sunshine within the chamber itself. He had solely observed them, he stated, attributable to a weird flash in his thoughts within the seconds earlier than he made the invention. It was, he later acknowledged, as if one thing from the opposite facet had drawn his consideration to them.

The Alpha and Omega symbols are the primary and final letters of the Greek alphabet. Additionally they have a big that means in Christianity, usually symbolizing Jesus or God. Grant believes that the invention of those symbols within the King’s Chamber connects Jesus to the traditional Egyptian tradition. He additional asserts that it suggests the Greek alphabet was doubtless a carry-over from the writings of a misplaced, unknown civilization—one which additionally influenced such civilizations as the traditional Egyptians and Mesopotamia.[1]

9 Jesus Discovered within the Egyptian Thriller Colleges

It’s extensively accepted that Jesus spent two years of his life studying the traditional teachings and knowledge of the Egyptian monks. And he did this within the thriller faculties of Heliopolis. Simply what Jesus might need discovered right here is basically unknown. It’s doubtless, although, that he would have been made aware of things like the motion of the celebrities and planets. Additionally it is doubtless he discovered varied initiation rituals, maybe similar to these of contemporary Freemasonry.

Many recommend that after studying in Heliopolis, Jesus would make use of and train such knowledge. And he would do that discreetly and solely to those that had been conscious of their significance. Certainly, many take a look at the elevating of Lazarus being simply such a masonic-type ritual. One which Jesus would have discovered in these Egyptian thriller faculties.

Additionally it is attention-grabbing that Heliopolis was a middle for worshipping the solar god, Ra. And as we will see later in our checklist, solar worship is one thing else that connects Christianity and historic Egypt. For now, although, we’d ask why Jesus attended the thriller faculties within the first place? The potential reply to that’s the subsequent level on our checklist.[2]

8 He Was an Egyptian Prince (by Descent)

In response to a number of researchers, a part of the explanation Jesus was taught within the thriller faculties of Heliopolis is due to his Egyptian heritage. Certainly, some recommend that Jesus was very doubtless a prince or a Pharoah in ready. Finally, he was the descendent of a rich Egyptian household with a declare to kingship.

There are many discreet clues in Biblical writings concerning the obvious excessive, rich standing of the real-life Jesus. Maybe one of the best instance would have been the marriage at Cana. It has been put ahead by some researchers that Jesus was not merely attending the occasion however that it was his. One of many fundamental causes for that is when Jesus is requested by his mom to get extra wine. It was the custom on the time for the individual whose wedding ceremony it was also needs to present the food and drinks.

We’d additionally look to Joseph of Arimathea, who additionally loved excessive standing with each the Jewish monks and the higher echelons of the Roman rulers. It’s claimed that Joseph was Jesus’ uncle, which might recommend a household of great wealth and affect.

After we transfer on to the subsequent level on our checklist, the suggestion that Jesus was the descendent of a pharaonic line seems slightly extra doubtless.[3]

7 The Shepherd Kings: The Hyksos

Logic has all the time recommended that the Hyksos kings, generally known as the Shepherd Kings, had been overseas invaders. They dominated Decrease Egypt from 1638 BC to round 1530 BC. Nonetheless, latest analysis suggests they weren’t overseas to Egypt in any respect. It’s thought by some that these rulers had been residents of the north who broke from Higher Egypt in what was an rebellion.

In response to writer and researcher Ralph Ellis, it’s more likely that the Hyksos kings had been made up of excessive monks and Egyptian royalty. Moreover, the reason for the break up was doubtless as a result of excessive monks suggesting that they had been transferring out of the constellation of Taurus. They had been now transferring into the age of Aries. Finally, it was time, in line with their orders, to cease worshiping the bull and to show that focus to the ram or sheep. And it’s due to this that they had been labeled the Shepherd Kings. We’d additionally recall that Jesus himself was known as a shepherd.

Finally, the Hyksos had been overthrown. And it’s the suggestion of some folks that from this got here the legends of the Exodus. Much more attention-grabbing, biblical characters equivalent to Aaron and Moses had been doubtless Egyptian royalty.

Following their arrival in Jerusalem, they seemed to rebuild their empire. And as they did so, they retained the key teachings of the traditional Egyptian faculties. From this resettlement, it’s stated that the Hebrew individuals started. As years went on, although, those that wrote of their historical past made each effort to cowl over any connection to historic Egypt.[4]

6 Weird Claims of Sorcery

Maybe one of the crucial weird connections between Jesus, what would develop into Christianity, and historic Egypt, may be present in writings that talk of Jesus being a sorcerer who knew the methods of the Egyptian excessive monks. A few of these writings even converse of him being a shapeshifter.

A very intriguing historic Egyptian textual content was found within the early 2000s that appeared to inform of the crucifixion of Jesus. It additionally, nevertheless, claims that Jesus had “the power to alter form” and that “his look adjustments.”

It’s unclear if these writings must be taken at face worth or not. Simply the truth that Jesus is talked about in historic Egyptian writings is one more connection between the 2 seemingly very completely different worlds.

Would possibly these recommendations of sorcery be a reference to the knowledge he discovered whereas within the Egyptian thriller faculties? And would possibly this be the explanation his actions had been documented?[5]

5 The Horus Legends

One of the vital controversial claims surrounding the story of Jesus is that it’s finally a retelling of the story of the traditional Egyptian god Horus. As we’d think about, these claims have been contested by many. They’re definitely intriguing, nevertheless. And as soon as extra ties Jesus, and Christianity as an entire, to the assumption system of historic Egypt.

Among the most attention-grabbing comparisons are claims that each Horus and Jesus had twelve disciples. Every was additionally stated to have walked on water. They each often carried out miracles. And every of them was stated to have been executed between two thieves. Much more intriguing was the truth that each arose once more after demise and ascended to the Heavens.

When the New Testomony was compiled, was the lifetime of Jesus primarily simply the story of Horus? And was this finished as a clue to these within the know of Jesus’ Egyptian origin whereas fully disguising it from the plenty?[6]

4 A number of Historical Writings and Perception Programs

It isn’t simply the Horus legends that comprise similarities to Jesus. The writings and creation tales of Christianity may be present in a number of different cultures world wide. And these accounts usually predate them by hundreds of years, together with, in fact, these of historic Egypt.

Maybe one of the crucial intriguing similarities is the assumption of each the traditional Egyptians and Christians in an afterlife. Even the notion of “being judged” by the gods (or God) within the afterlife resonates nearly completely with one another. As do notions of Hell within the Christian world and the underworld, or Duat, in historic Egyptian legend.

Certainly, it could seem that these perception programs of historic Egypt have disguised themselves by way of time. And so they have finished so below the guise of Christianity. Might it’s attainable that this perception system goes a lot additional again than we’d assume? Fairly probably to a misplaced civilization that after had a world affect. And if that’s true, that affect remains to be being felt immediately. a href=”https://www.ancient-origins.web/opinion-guest-authors/christ-myth-006130″ rel=”noopener noreferrer” goal=”_blank”>[7]

3 The Divine Nature of Kings

One other obvious discreet connection between Jesus and Christianity and historic Egypt is the notion of divinity and Jesus being Divine. In its most elementary type, Jesus is each God and a human, and he exists as each on the similar time. We’d recall the assertions within the historic Egyptian writings that Jesus had “a couple of type.” Would possibly his have been a reference to what we perceive within the trendy world as Jesus being of a divine nature?

Additionally it is attention-grabbing to notice that the pharaohs of historic Egypt had been seen in an identical method. They had been each a human and the incarnation of the god Horus. We already talked about the similarities between the Horus legends and Jesus. Additionally it is intriguing to notice that each the biblical Jesus and the pharaohs of historic Egypt had been thought to be being each human and God-like on the similar time. Might this be one more refined clue of the real-life Jesus’ true identification and standing?[8]

2 Solar Worship

There are numerous connections between solar worship, Jesus, and Christianity. Nonetheless, there’s additionally a connection to the non permanent perception system of historic Egypt of Atenism. This perception system means that the Aten was merely the solar. And a few researchers recommend that this sudden conversion to worshipping one God solely was the reason for the Exodus.

Might it probably be correct to recommend that solar worship continued as soon as that Exodus had arrived in Jerusalem, albeit discreetly? And is that why the biblical story of Jesus seems to be an allegory for the solar? It’s maybe value mentioning that Jesus himself would converse in a trend the place solely only a few individuals knew the that means of his phrases. The plenty, alternatively, heard these phrases as one thing fully completely different.

It’s the assertion of many who by the point of contemporary Christianity following the assembly at Nicaea, solely these within the know realized they had been persevering with within the solar god traditions of historic Egypt. Most individuals, nevertheless, believed they had been worshipping Jesus, the Son of God.[9]

1 Was Mary Magdalene Jesus’ Spouse and Sister?

Maybe probably the most explosive declare that will hyperlink Jesus and, in flip, Christianity to historic Egypt are people who revolve round Mary Magdalene. In response to some, not solely was she Jesus’ spouse, however she was additionally his sister.

Maybe one of many driving voices behind these recommendations is Ralph Ellis. He has claimed in a number of books that Mary Magdalene is definitely Mary of Bethany. This is able to additionally make Lazarus Jesus’ brother. So what are the explanations for masking up such information? In response to some, it’s merely the need to take away any connections to the traditional Egyptian origins of Jesus.

In historic Egypt, it was commonplace and even anticipated {that a} pharaoh would marry his sister. This was to take care of purity within the royal bloodline. If there’s any reality to the claims that Mary Magdalene was the sister of Jesus, then does it recommend that the real-life Jesus was certainly an Egyptian pharaoh by descent? [10]

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