3 Fast Facts About Titanic 2 You Need to Know

3 Fast Facts About Titanic 2 You Need to Know

The new ship is going to be a perfect copy of the first Titanic ocean liner, but, of course, the Titanic II will be outfitted with plenty of lifeboats and a properly built hull, so that it doesn’t come to the same tragic end as the Titanic I did.

The original Titanic came to a tragic end on its maiden voyage in 1912, when it hit an iceberg and sank. 1500 people died in the crash of the luxury liner.

Here’s what you need to know about the Titanic II:

1. The Titanic II Will Carry Passengers from London to New York

The Titanic’s II maiden voyage will take passengers from Dubai to New York City. After that, the ship will carry passengers on the London-New York route across the Atlantic Ocean. There’s been no announcement yet as to how much the Atlantic crossing is going to cost passengers. But the Titanic II is being billed as a luxury experience, so we can assume that even a third-class berth will not go for peanuts.

2. Chinese Engineers Are Building Their Own Replica of the Titanic , but Theirs Won’t Ever Set Sail

A couple of years ago, the Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua announced that work was beginning on a full-size replica of the Titanic ocean liner. The twist? This Titanic replica will never see the ocean. Xinhua announced that the ship will remain docked at a reservoir in Daying County, in China’s Sichuan Province.

3. The Titanic II Will Have 9 Decks & Carry Up to 2,435 Passengers

The Titanic II is meant to be a faithful replica of the original ocean liner. It will have nine decks and will be outfitted with 835 cabins. And, just like the original, passengers will be able to purchase either first, second, or third-class tickets aboard the liner. It’s not clear how much the different tickets will cost, although it seems unlikely that even a third-class ticket aboard the new Titanic is going to be cheap, or that conditions will be as squalid as they were on the original ship.

Blue Star says the ship will be able to accommodate up to 2435 passengers.

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