5 Completely Unrelated Movies Described In One Sentence That Perfectly Fits Them Both

We will be showing the list of unrelated movies Which has been asked by The Redditor u/bopoqod posed the question “Which two unrelated movies can be summed up with the same sentence?” and people got seriously creative.

Stole A Loaf Of Bread, Went To Jail, Given Riches By Someone, Gained Political Office, Took Part In Rebellion Against The Government, Has Longstanding Feud With Government Official

These days, loglines are no longer printed on the screenplays, but they still serve the exact same purpose: to efficiently represent the story in one sentence. And if you’ve ever tried to explain an entire film to someone in one sentence, you’ve surely realized it’s more challenging than one would think.

Tom Hank’s Flight Doesn’t Go Well

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Written by Harry Rosen

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