5 Heartwarming Love Stories That Will Make You Believe in Love

5 Heartwarming Love Stories That Will Make You Believe in Love

Love has no expiration date. There is hope and faith in knowing that someone out there is waiting on your heart to unite. Lovers come into this life on a treasure hunt. They move through years as scavengers waiting to find “that one” individual that will connect with them. If you have lost hope in love, please read these love stories that will restore your faith in true love.


  • When Supreet and Gaurav swiped right on each other and a lifetime of travel.

Where they met: Tinder

“We met on Tinder, and it just happened. Gaurav was the first guy I met via the app and we hit it off over our shared love for travel and cocktails. No one asked out the other, we just kept meeting and it felt right. After we got married, we were discussing a long trip since a while, and it just felt something we had to do before we turned 30. We started the trip on 27th March, 2017 with a one-way ticket to Morocco. Over the six months, we visited 46 cities in 12 countries.”

Supreet and Gaurav dated for two years and are happily married globetrotters.

  • This couple who reunited after 60 years.

    After just three days of marriage, Anna Kozlov was forced to wave goodbye to her husband as he went off to fight in the Red Army. While he was away, Anna was exiled to Serbia by Stalin and was barred from returning to her hometown or her husband. 60 years later, after they each remarried and were widowed, a chance encounter in their hometown brought them back together again. They recognized each other and got married again after over half a century apart.


Two attractive young employees of De Vere Dunston Hall, a hotel in England, were hired for the hotel’s brochure. Amanda Semmence and Kieron Dudle were asked by management to model as bride and groom for their advertisement. Soon after, Amanda and Kieron began a beautiful relationship. Three years later they got married at the place where they had become the pretend bride and groom.

  • When Tina and Chirag fell for each other because of an Instagram comment.

Where they met: Instagram

“We only heard about each other in school but never met in person. About one-and-a-half years ago, I was recovering from a bad break up and was randomly dating other guys. He had also broke up months ago but was looking for someone to settle down with while I didn’t want to. So one fine morning I woke up to see his comment on one of my Instagram posts. So I checked his profile and found him cute still unaware of the fact that I had heard his name literally five years ago. But while I was waiting to talk to him he never texted me. He would just comment. After making me wait for a few days I saw his text one morning and it all began from there. As we talked, I developed an instant liking towards him but was unsure of going into a relationship. So after talking for a few days we decided to meet. I had travelled 187 kms from Kolkata to Durgapur just to meet him and when we met I couldn’t help but fall for him when he came to pick me up from the bus stop on a rainy night. Though we are in a long distance relationship, we are totally head over heels on each other.”

Tina and Chirag celebrated their one-and-a-half year anniversary on January, 26.

  • When Shubhangi and Devinder met on Yahoo messenger.

Where they met: Yahoo Messenger

“I’m from Maharashtra and he’s from Himachal Pradesh. It was around 2006 and I still don’t know how he got my email ID and he doesn’t remember either. After chatting for a few months, both of us moved to Pune for further studies. That is where we met for the first time and fell in love.”

Shubhangi and Devinder have been together for 13 years and are now married with a little son.

  • This man who fought for three years to be able to propose.

Larry Ragsdale was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Kelcie, whilst on vacation with her family. However, on his way home from showing her sister the ring he’d chosen, Larry was hit by a drunk driver, sending him into a coma. Kelcie not only sat beside him for months until he regained consciousness but went on to get a job in the treatment facility where he received surgeries and physical therapy sessions so she could help him through it. After three years, Larry finally got to propose — with the same ring he’d picked out for her three years earlier.

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