A True Life Story Of This Little Girl Will Make You Cry

A True Life Story Of This Little Girl Will Make You Cry

Originally posted by Sheetal Sharma, B.A.LLB from Symbiosis Law School, Noida

I was Raped.

I was raped by my uncle.

An innocent teen who didn’t know anything about sex was sexually assaulted and her family member didn’t pay any heed.

When I was in 6th class, our financial situation wasn’t good. So, I had to stay at uncle’s place for a year.

When all this happened with me, I wasn’t aware of bad or good touch but deep down I felt very bad or disgusting about this sin.

In childhood, I was too quiet because my parents taught me that a disciplined child always just listens, not speak.

After that night, I became miserably silent, I wasn’t sad, I was just confused that after that night why my inner thighs were paining. I wanted to discuss my situation with my aunt still I didn’t utter a single word against my uncle.

One day, I collected all of my courage to speak out. After all the equational vibration, I told my aunt everything, she was listening to me with her denial looks, I was getting the vibes that she will create some problems for me, she wasn’t ready to accept that her husband can do anything like that, even she threatened me not to say anything to my parents.

After all the threatening, still, I didn’t get my answer to what actually had happened with me? Was it good or bad?

I was scared and I promised myself that now I will not share anything about that night to anyone because I thought that if I ever shared that incident, everyone will blame me.

I never failed in any exams but at that time I got back in 3 subjects.

Each and every day, I was dealing with my dilemma and my anxiety.

One day, I got a call from my father and he started shouting at me about my bad performance in exams. I had a lot to say but I didn’t utter a word.) I promised my dad that I will study hard and disconnected the call.

After that, I decided to write a diary so I won’t feel alone and heavy, every night I wiped my tears and wrote my diary. I wrote everything in it, what he did with me, my dilemma, my emotional state, and everything.

After a month, my dad came to take me to the home for only the weekend. I used to be so excited earlier but now there was no excitement and all the shine in my eyes was lost somewhere.

I packed my bag and took my diary along with me.

It was midnight, we all were sleeping except my dad, he woke me up and hugged me tightly, I can feel his tears on my back, all sudden I saw my diary on my dad’s blanket.

The night was silent but we were creating noise, our tears were just falling down.

The next day my dad told everything to my mom, I was feeling so happy after a month that finally, I will get to know that what actually that was.

I asked my mom that what happened with me but she didn’t say anything. I could see her wet eyes. I asked her again, so she told that it is not good for you and whatever he did was wrong.

I cried all day that he did wrong to me, I told my dad that to go and slap him, he should be punished, but my dad shouted at me “go and sleep”.

I started believing that it was my fault that’s why everyone is just shouting and threatening me.

I was growing up with my depression and my parents didn’t take any heed.

“In India, we treat sex as a taboo. I just want to know if it’s a taboo then why India has a population of 1,369 million. Is it a God gift or your so-called taboo?

Parents should talk to their children about good or bad touch. I know we are not comfortable taking up these sensitive topics, but, the learning has to start at home and it’s all about your child’s safety. Put aside your doubts and inhibitions and talk to your little ones in a simple way and with a play methodology like we do for many other things.

All the dark clouds made me a believer and a positive person. (I just thanked all people who made me feel guilty about myself, your fake beliefs made me a believer.)

I smile every day like today is my last day. Thanks!

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