Dirty Things to Say to a Guy: 25 Creative and Sexy Sext Messages

Dirty Things to Say to a Guy: 25 Creative and Sexy Sext Messages

Whether in a relationship for years or just starting out, sexting your boyfriend is a fun way to get spicy! Here are the best dirty things to say to a guy.

25 dirty things to say to a guy and arouse him

So if you are a sexting newbie, or perhaps you’re an old hand and merely looking for new ideas, why not try these dirty things to say to a guy and see just what a difference it makes when it comes to injecting a little bit of passion back into your relationship?

#1 I had a dream about you last night. This is fun and playful. Your man will be able to see where it is going but it also gives them an excuse to opt out if they are not feeling so in the mood without you feeling silly. If they respond well, then make sure your dream was a hot one! 

#2 What are you wearing? This is an age old classic chat up line, so if you send it to your crush, they’ll know you mean business. Hopefully, they’ll respond with something sexy and then you can let the games begin. 

#3 What are you doing right now? Starting off with something simple is flirty, but it doesn’t have to lead anywhere if you don’t want. It’s a good way to see if they are in a flirty mood, you can judge by their response as to whether you should take it further.

#4 I have been thinking about you all day. This can be interpreted as cute and romantic or as a subtle hint to turn the conversation towards more explicit thoughts. This one is an excellent way to start if you are feeling a little nervous!

#5 If I were with you right now what would you want to do to me? This is a perfect sext to get the ball rolling. It opens up the conversation allowing him to respond accordingly. If they reply with something super filthy, you’ll know they are into it too and can take it from there! 

#6 Sucking on a lollipop and thinking of you. This one kind of speaks for itself!

#7 Lying in bed and bored, want to come over and change that? This is a great way to start a sext conversation. Even if he can’t come over, he’ll have that image of you in bed going round in his head all day!

#8 I’m horny right now. Plain and simple, you can’t be much more direct than that!

#9 Listening to this *insert song with dirty lyrics* and it’s making me think of you. This is a fun sext to send. He might not know the song so will have to search for it to find out what you mean. Maybe he’ll reply with an equally sexy song and say that he’s thinking about you too!

#10 What you did to me last night is making me wet just remembering it. This is a pretty horny sext to send and perfect if you got down to some action the night before. Sending this will make him remember it too and get you both geared up for round two!

#11 I am touching myself and thinking of you. There is nothing quite like knowing how much you turn someone on, so this always goes down a treat.

#12 Just out of the shower. Again this one is ideal for beginner sexters! You are playing with their imagination and  turning them on with just the simple image of you hot and wet!

#13 Have I told you how sexy I find you? Paying your partner a compliment is always great, and if you want to start a sext conversation, this is a good opener.

#14 I have a surprise for you later. This is mysterious and intriguing and is sure to have them responding. Desperate to find out just what you have in store!

#15 I want you now. Another simple and direct approach, you can’t go wrong! 

#16 I can’t wait until you get home later. I am going to tear your clothes right off. This builds up anticipation. Telling your boyfriend exactly what you are going to do to him later is a serious turn on.

#17 You. Me. Naked. Tonight.  No questions asked, no need to reply. Just a simple statement like this can get him all hot and bothered and desperate for the day to end!

#18 Good morning. I am not wearing any panties today. Just thought you should know. This is one of those dirty things to say to a guy that works particularly well if you work together, or even if you are just chilling at home. Knowing that you aren’t wearing underwear will drive him wild with desire! 

#19 I want to act out your wildest fantasy. Just tell me what it is. Letting your man know you are up for any crazy, dirty, hot fantasies they have is going to go down well!

#20 Let’s call in sick and stay in bed all day. A suggestion surely no one can refuse!

#21 When I see you later we are going straight to the bedroom. Again, this is a great one to send if your partner is out for the day or you are planning to meet up later.

#22 Bring whipped cream. This is a fun and flirty text that lets them know exactly what they are in store for later! 

#23 I’m touching myself right now, wish you were here with me. Building up a hot mental image will leaving your man feeling super horny!

#24 I’m picturing you naked right now – it’s making me horny. Again you are giving a sexy compliment that is sure to turn him on and make him want to get naked in front of you again and again!

#25 You’re so sexy it takes my breath away. Guys and girls alike both love this. It will give them confidence and make them want to show you exactly how sexy they can be! 

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