How to Text a Guy You Like? Here is the Answer

How to Text a Guy You Like? Here is the Answer

You exchanged numbers. You’re off to a great start. Now, all you have to do is figure out how to text a guy you like and land yourself a date with him.

How to text a guy you like and win him over

If you usually text guys in a specific style but aren’t getting the response you want, switch it up and incorporate some of these tips into the way you text. It could be something really small that you need to tweak, something like not texting him all the time. That way, he feels he must chase you. See? It’s all about the details.

#1 Be yourself. This is the most important thing to do. Just be yourself. When behind a screen sometimes you show the person who you think you can be as a way to impress them. But don’t do it. When they see you in person, they see a completely different person, so what’s the point? Just be yourself when texting him. 

#2 No vomit texts. If he asks you how your day was, I know you want to tell him all the exciting or non-exciting things that happened, but that ends up as one giant, never-ending paragraph. Take it easy, no one wants to read an entire book from one text message. That being said, don’t give him a one-word answer either. A couple sentences are short and to the point.

#3 Why text? What’s the purpose of texting? It’s not to replace human contact, it’s used to make a plan to meet one another. Of course, this means you can chat via text and flirt, but there should be a goal at the end. When are we meeting? Where are we meeting? Take time to get to know them but do it face-to-face.

#4 Wait for a reply. This used to kill me. I’d get so nervous when the guy didn’t reply that I fired off another text message just in case. I would bombard the guy with three or four texts just because my insecurity took over. Do NOT send him a series of texts just because he didn’t reply in two minutes. Wait for the reply. No matter how long it takes. 

#5 If you have a problem, don’t text it. If you get into a debate or have an argument, don’t try to solve it over text. I know it’s not easy to confront someone about something that bothers you but doing it via text won’t solve it. Either call him or see him.

#6 Be positive. If you text a guy that you like you want him to see that you’re his light. You’re the person that makes him feel good when he’s down. Don’t be a Debbie Downer, trying to suck his energy. So, in your texts be positive. Be the light that he wants to be around. 

#7 Allow the conversation to end naturally. We always have this fear if we don’t continue the conversation then this person will lose interest. But it’s the opposite.

If you want to know how to text a guy you like the right way, learn to end the conversation naturally. This doesn’t mean the guy isn’t interested in you. It’s just that the topic is over. Text them a photo or something funny later on in the day or wait for him to text you.

#8 Leave out the word “just.” I know, it’s a small word, I mean, what could possibly go wrong with this word. The word ‘just’ is fine. However, it actually gives your sentence low-value. Specifically, when you talk about yourself. For example, “I’m at the beach” and “I’m just at the beach.” Do you see how the word ‘just’ makes your activity look insignificant?

#9 Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You don’t have to wait for him to ask you questions about yourself. It’s okay for you to ask him questions. Keep in mind that in reality, you want to ask him questions on the date. So, ask basic questions, of course, in a non-interview way, but make sure you save some for when you meet face-to-face. 

#10 Stay away from one-worded answers. If he only gives you one-worded answers then giving him one-word replies is fair. Give him as much as he gives you. But if he talks and you only reply with “haha” or “yeah,” you’re not creating conversation or space for him to ask you out. Now, if you’re not a big texter, tell him that so he knows.

#11 If you want to text him, do it. Now, if he’s not replying and you text him, stop. But if you haven’t spoken to him in a day or two, why not send him a text? You don’t need to wait for him to send you the first message. Let him know you’re interested in sending him the first text. This way, he either makes a move or not. 

#12 Stay away from yes or no answers. How can the conversation progress if you only give him yes or no answers. Come on, ladies! If you want him to ask you out, you need to be more engaging than that. You can say yes or no, but then provide a sentence or two with an explanation. 

#13 No drunk texts. Stay away from your phone when drinking. When you’re sober in bed and you get a drunk text, you usually aren’t very excited. You picture them as a drunk mess in the club or at a house party. It’s not sexy. Just enjoy the party and keep your phone turned off.

Now that you know how to text a guy you like, it’s time you took these tips and used them in your next conversation. See if you notice a difference in the way he acts.

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