Surprisingly Dark Facts About Disney Characters

Surprisingly Dark Facts About Disney Characters

Which Disney movies share the identical universe? Who’re the real-life inspirations in your favourite characters? And which scripts have been virtually COMPLETELY modified? This listing explores the key tales behind essentially the most iconic Disney characters, proving that—ultimately—fortunately ever after isn’t all the time what it appears.

1. She Had The First Phrase

The primary character to really communicate in a full-length Disney cartoon was the Evil Queen in Snow White. Not first villain, or first feminine character: first voice ever. Her first depraved phrases have been “Slave within the magic mirror, come from the farthest house, by way of wind and darkness I summon thee. Communicate! Let me see thy face.”

2. Frozen Had A Utterly Completely different Villain

Initially, creators deliberate to have Elsa because the evil Snow Queen, akin to different white-haired greats like Cruella de Vil and Ursula. Nonetheless, the musical quantity “Let It Go” was a complete gamechanger. After listening to the lyrics, the writers fully rejigged the plot to make her the beloved antihero of our desires.

3. Frollo Was Really A Man Of God

In Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo is a Catholic priest. For the Disney adaptation, screenwriters made him into “Choose Claude Frollo” the Minister of Peace, as to not offend any spiritual sensibilities.

4. A Well-known Drag Queen Impressed Ursula

Ursula from The Little Mermaid was impressed by the long-lasting drag queen, and John Waters’ muse, Divine. Sadly, Divine didn’t reside to deliver Ursula to life himself, as she handed away in 1988.

5. Captain Hook And George Darling Are Oddly Related

The identical actor voices two characters from Peter Pan. Hans Conried is the voice behind each Captain Hook and George Darling. And we are able to’t deny that there are some apparent similarities right here.

6. The Evil Witch Reigns Supreme

The Queen from Snow White was ranked #10 on the “villains” portion of the AFI’s 100 Best Heroes & Villains listing. To offer you a way of how depraved that’s, she beat Michael Corleone from The Godfather by one spot.

7. Solely One Princess Kissed A Villain

Poor Jasmine actually took one for the group when she tried to avoid wasting Aladdin by locking lips with the evil Jafar. Actually, she is the solely Disney princess to kiss a villain.

8. Tarzan’s Household Betrayal

In Disney’s 1999 adaptation of Tarzan, we all know little of Clayton past that he actually needs to hunt these gorillas. Within the unique Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, nonetheless, Clayton is revealed to be Tarzan’s paternal cousin. The Disney model of Clayton doesn’t resemble a lot of the literary Clayton past sharing the identical title, nevertheless it’s good to know that in spite of everything these years, Disney nonetheless doesn’t shy from kin-slaying.

9. Snow White Is Underage

Sure, Snow White is just 14 years previous—and but, she spends your complete movie dwelling with seven males in the course of the woods whereas eager for her Prince Charming.

10. The Little Mermaid Nearly Misplaced Its Iconic Track

One of many movie’s finest songs, “A part of Your World,” virtually didn’t make the ultimate minimize. Through the take a look at screening, a baby within the viewers dropped his popcorn, making the chairman of Walt Disney Studios fear that the track was too boring. Fortunately, the remainder of the workers disagreed and saved the day for all of us.

11. An Unprecedented Expiration

Technically talking, Mom Gothel is the primary Disney villain to die on-screen of previous age.

12. Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder Are In Frozen

Should you maintain your eyes peeled whereas watching Frozen, you could discover a quick look of Tangled’s most important gamers—Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. You possibly can see them right here, coming into the citadel for Elsa’s coronation.

13. Animating Sulley Took Ceaselessly

In Monsters, Inc, Sulley is a large, blue monster with an unbelievable quantity of fur. Actually, the character had a staggering 2.Three million strands of hair. That mentioned, creating him was no small feat. As a result of every strand needed to be animated, producing a single body of Sulley took about 12 hours.

14. Walt Disney Had A Favourite Princess

Walt Disney advised Ilene Woods (the actress who voiced Cinderella), “You’re my favourite heroine, .” She replied, “You imply Cinderella?” “Sure,” he mentioned, “there’s one thing about that story I affiliate with.”

15. A Fable Impressed A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life was impressed by Aesop’s fable, The Ant and The Grasshopper. On this story, a grasshopper spends the harvest months having enjoyable as a substitute of amassing meals. Come winter, the grasshopper is ravenous and begs the ants for meals however is turned away. Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft puzzled why the grasshopper doesn’t simply take the ants’ meals.

Thus, the antagonist Hopper and A Bug’s Life have been born.

16. The Beast Is A Mixture Of Many Animals

In accordance with animator Glen Keane, he discovered inspiration for the Beast’s singular look by many alternative animals. He used a wolf’s legs, a bear’s physique, a canine’s tail, a buffalo’s head, a gorilla’s eyebrows, a lion’s mane, and a wild boar’s muzzle.

17. Sleeping Magnificence Barely Spoke

Princess Aurora solely has a measly 18 traces in Sleeping Magnificence. However contemplating that she spends nearly all of the movie snoozing, this undoubtedly is sensible.

18. Solely Belle Wore Blue

Amongst her townspeople, Belle is the one citizen sporting the colour blue. The creators purposely dressed her on this strategy to drive house the notion that Belle was completely different from everybody else—an outsider. Even higher? When she lastly meets the Beast, he, too, can be sporting blue, proving that they actually have been a match made in heaven.

19. Scar Had An Unlucky Title

As per The Lion King canon, Scar’s delivery title was “Taka.” He modified it to “Scar” after a Buffalo assault left him with the signature mark on his eye. And to offer you some perspective on the piece of labor that’s the Lion King household, “taka” can imply “need” in Swahili, however it’s also generally used to imply “rubbish” or “dust.”

To sum up, Scar and Mufasa’s dad and mom named their older child after the Swahili phrase for “King” after which circled referred to as the opposite child “trash.”

20. Hercules Has A Very Disturbing Rug

In The Lion King, Zazu snips that Scar would make a superb throw rug. Technically, this truly comes true, as Scar will be seen as a throw rug in a scene from Hercules. What number of of you observed that?

21. Merida’s Voice Is Not like All The Relaxation

Though there are lots of princesses that hail from completely different nations, solely Merida from Courageous is the one princess with out an American accent. Her thick Scottish accent makes her stand out from the remaining.

22. The Very First Male Villain

Gaston is the primary male Disney villain in any Disney Princess function—it had been all evil queens, sea witches, and stepmothers earlier than that. 

23. Ariel Was A Redhead For A Cause

In 1984, Daryl Hannah grew to become well-known because the blonde mermaid in Splash. As a way to make Ariel as distinctive as potential, Disney determined to offer her shiny purple hair.

24. A Sibling Rivalry Below The Sea

King Triton and Ursula from The Little Mermaid are purported to be brother and sister, which makes Ariel the tentacled witch’s niece. These familial connections didn’t make the ultimate minimize, nevertheless it simply goes the present that blood isn’t all the time thicker than water.

25. The Story Behind Belle’s Unruly Hair

In Magnificence and the Beast, Belle has a cussed strand of hair that consistently fall throughout her face. The screenplay author, Linda Woolverton, commented, “The one factor I wrote [to describe Belle physically] was ‘she has a little bit wisp of hair that retains falling in her face.’ As a result of I needed her to not be excellent. It was necessary that not each hair be in place.”

26. The Ice Palace Displays Her Emotions

In Frozen, Princess Elsa’s ice palace displays her feelings by way of colour. The partitions flip blue when she’s content material, purple when she’s unhappy, purple when she’s frightened, and yellow when she’s enraged.

27. She Had No Tooth

How did Lucille LaVerne obtain her vocal transformation from Evil Queen to Evil Witch in Snow White? She merely eliminated her enamel.

28. Walt Disney Had A Favourite Piece Of Animation

Allegedly, Walt Disney’s favourite animated scene is Cinderella’s glittering transformation earlier than the ball—a traditional rags-to-riches second that continues to wow audiences.

29. An Evil Lineage

The animator Bruce W. Smith imagined Physician Facilier of The Princess and the Frog because the “lovechild” of Cruella de Vil and Captain Hook. I ship it!

30. Pocahontas’ Preliminary Sidekick Might Discuss

Though the beloved raccoon Meeko, Pocahontas’ non-verbal sidekick, made the ultimate minimize, filmmakers had different concepts. Initially, they needed to animate a speaking turkey named Redfeather. However that’s not all. Additionally they needed John Sweet to voice the character.

31. We By no means Meet Aladdin’s Mom

Regardless of having her very personal track—”Pleased with Your Boy” Aladdin’s mom didn’t make the movie’s last minimize. Nonetheless, her track had its second within the broadway musical adaptation.

32. This Disney Character Had A True Story

Pocahontas is the one princess primarily based in actuality. Pocahontas was an Indigenous girl who belonged to the Powhatan individuals. Mulan, though primarily based on an actual legend of a warrior, didn’t exist in actual life.

33. There Was A Disney Princess Hiatus

After 1959’s Sleeping Magnificence, audiences didn’t get to satisfy one other princess for one more 30 years. It was a protracted wait, however completely price it. In 1989, Ariel captivated audiences in The Little Mermaid.

34. This Villain’s Title Says It All

Maleficent means “evil-doing” in Latin.

35. An Actress Impressed Ariel’s Appears to be like

In accordance with the Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, creators appeared to her childhood photos for inspiration. They used her “likeness” to craft Ariel’s candy, heart-shaped face.

36. What IS Prince Charming’s Title?

Sadly, Cinderella’s prince (like many different princes) isn’t essentially the most fleshed-out character, and as such, he has a few completely different names. Within the unique, he’s merely generally known as Prince Charming. Nonetheless, Disney France calls him Henri, whereas the live-action movie named him Package.

37. Prince Eric Wasn’t A Singer

Of all of the official Disney princes, Eric was the one one to chunk his tongue when it got here to the musical numbers. Regardless of dropping her voice, Ariel ended up taking the reins as songbird supreme.

38. Girl Tremaine Was Chillingly Real looking

Girl Tremaine, AKA Cinderella’s stepmother, was intentionally drawn to be extra sensible than the movie’s different antagonists. Filmmakers needed her to embody a extra chilling and “out of this world” demeanor by drawing, paradoxically, from our world.

39. Skateboarding Impressed Tarzan’s Actions

The animator Glen Keane revealed one of many biggest inspirations behind Tarzan—his son, Max: “[Max] liked performing fearless skateboarding stunts and watching excessive sports activities, reminiscent of snowboarding. Thus, Tarzan appeared to ‘surf’ by way of the bushes.”

40. A Actual Prince Impressed Prince Phillip

It’s been mentioned that Sleeping Magnificence’s Prince Phillip was named after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Because the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, he would have been a well-known determine on the time of the movie’s launch in 1959.

41. John Smith Was A Man Of Many Abilities

Often, two actors voice Disney characters: one sings, and the opposite speaks. However this isn’t the case for Pocahontas’ John Smith. Mel Gibson contributes each his voice performing and singing prowess to the function.

42. We Noticed That Dance In One other Movie

Through the manufacturing of Magnificence and the Beast, time was of the essence. Working behind, they determined to make use of the animated dance scene from Sleeping Magnificence for Prince Adam and Belle’s last dance scene.

43. There’s Solely One Princess With A Tattoo

Of all of the Disney princesses, Pocahontas is the one one with a tattoo—a purple band that wraps round her proper bicep. After all, that’s not the one distinctive factor concerning the 1995 movie.

44. Disney’s First Interracial Relationship

Not solely does Pocahontas embrace Disney’s first interracial couple, nevertheless it’s additionally the one unique film the place the love pursuits don’t find yourself collectively. When John Smith asks Pocahontas to return again to England with him, she refuses, selecting to stick with her tribe as a substitute.

45. Mr. De Vil Got here First

101 Dalmatians was primarily based on Dodie Smith’s novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians. On this written model, Cruella de Vil isn’t dwelling the candy single life, as within the film, however has a henpecked husband. His clearly didn’t matter that a lot although, as a result of the novel doesn’t even give him a reputation—he’s by no means known as something however “Mr. De Vil.” We are able to guess who wore the pants in that relationship.

46. Girl Is A Actual Canine

An actual canine impressed the character Girl from Girl and the Tramp. Actually, it was Disney author Joe Grant’s Springer Spaniel. When Walt Disney laid eyes on Grant’s sketches, he requested him to mount a storyboard of his furry pet. Though Disney initially scrapped the concept, he returned to it after studying the story Completely happy Dan, the Whistling Canine.

47. Belle’s Persona Is Impressed By One other Character

The screenwriter for Magnificence and the Beast, Linda Woolverton, mentioned that certainly one of her most important sources of inspiration for Belle was Katharine Hepburn’s efficiency in 1933’s Little Girls. Hepburn’s interpretation of the bookish Jo March is undoubtedly much like Belle’s headstrong character.

48. Mirabel Is The Very First

In 2021’s Encanto, Mirabel is the very first feminine Disney lead character to put on glasses.

49. A Heartthrob Impressed Aladdin

At first, animator Glen Keane considered making Aladdin much like a Michael J. Fox character. However the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg, had one other concept. He considered utilizing Tom Cruise’s character from High Gun. Keane later mentioned, “I received the movie and I checked out him, and what I observed was all of his poses. His attitudes. There was this confidence. The best way his chest caught out. There was a cockiness to him. And Aladdin, we needed to have a little bit little bit of that edge on him.”

50. Mulan Is Based mostly On A Chinese language Legend

The story of Hua Mulan goes manner again. The earliest document of her story is the Ballad of Mulan, most certainly written round 400 AD. However earlier than her Disney debut, her story was a little bit bit completely different. Initially, the feminine warrior fools her comrades till the very finish of the warfare. They don’t discover out she is definitely a lady till the battle is over.

51. This Villain Had A Secret Track

The shrill and desiccated Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove had her personal villain track titled “Snuff Out the Mild.” Not acquainted? That’s in all probability as a result of it was minimize from the ultimate model of the movie, however you Kuzco super-fans on the market might have heard it on the official soundtrack for the film.

52. The Solely Disney Princess Who Is Not The Lead

Jasmine is the one Disney princess who doesn’t star as the primary character of her movie…or ought to I say, Aladdin’s movie.

53. Thumper Charmed Walt Disney

Thumper is without doubt one of the most beloved characters from Bambi, however initially, he didn’t have such a distinguished function. Nonetheless, as soon as Walt Disney watched his scenes with Bambi, he fell fully in love with the character. In consequence, Thumper received a hefty promotion.

54. Mrs. Potts Had A Completely different Title

In Magnificence and the Beast, the maternal teapot Mrs. Potts was initially generally known as Mrs. Chamomile. Nonetheless, contemplating its troublesome pronunciation, it was finally modified to the easier “Mrs. Potts.”

55. Sebastian Had A Completely different Accent

To start with, Sebastian the crab has an extraordinarily lengthy title: Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian. However what’s extra? Creators virtually gave him a British accent. It might have modified every part.

56. A Infamous Women’ Man Impressed Lumiere

French actor Maurice Chevalier was identified for his suave character and easy voice. After his passing, his options and magnificence impressed the character of Lumiere in Magnificence and the Beast. However that wasn’t Chevalier’s solely connection to Disney. In The Aristocats, he sang its title observe.

57. Mickey Nearly Had A Completely different Title

Earlier than he landed on the title “Mickey,” Walt Disney deliberate to call his iconic mouse “Mortimer.” Effectively, fortunately, his spouse Lillian thought the title wasn’t the fitting match for the feisty character’s character. As a substitute, Mortimer Mouse grew to become certainly one of Mickey’s biggest rivals.

58. There’s One Unique Character In Wonderland

Though the Alice in Wonderland adaptation couldn’t probably embrace all of Lewis Caroll’s characters, there was one unique Disney character to make an look. After Alice falls down the rabbit gap, she comes head to head with the speaking Door Knob. Her interplay with the Door Knob eliminated the need of a monologue.

As a substitute, she conveyed her ideas to the viewers by way of dialog.

59. What’s a Good Henchman For?

In The Lion King, Scar’s iconic quantity “Be Ready” is definitely sung by… Ed the Hyena. Or reasonably, Ed’s voice actor (Jim Cummings) stepped in to do the singing voice for Jeremy Irons for a part of the track. Irons had blown out his vocal cords whereas making an attempt his finest, in order that’s Cummings doing his finest Irons impression for the track’s last third.

60. Going Solo

All of the animation for Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians was carried out by a single individual. That’s plenty of straight traces for one poor sketch artist.

61. Gaston Was Not The Unique Villain

Gaston was not initially purported to be the lead villain in Magnificence and the Beast. As a substitute, Belle’s evil Aunt Marguerite was meant to have occupied that dastardly function. Sadly for her, Maggie didn’t have what it takes to make the movie’s last minimize, and so it’s Gaston that all of us keep in mind hating a lot.

62. They Had One other Hades In Thoughts

Earlier than James Woods gained the a part of Hades, the creators of Hercules imagined the function for John Lithgow and even Jack Nicholson—two distinct voices, however not precisely fast-talkers, as Woods’ Hades got here to be identified. 

63. The Stars Simply Didn’t Line Up

Patrick Stewart needed to flip down the function of Jafar in Aladdin as a result of he was too busy filming Star Trek: The Subsequent Era.

64. Her Wardrobe Reveals The Reality

Tangled takes place within the 1780s, however Mom Gothel’s gown is from the Renaissance. Some individuals would possibly suppose this was only a design mistake, however her costume was truly deliberate—it signifies how previous she truly is.

65. He Was Too Terrifying For Disney

Tim Curry auditioned to play Choose Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, however sadly, most thought of the previous Dr. Frankenfurter simply too terrifying for Disney. This was solely two years earlier than he performed Pennywise the Clown within the horror movie, It.

66. The Youngest Disney Baddie

Hans from Frozen is canonically 23 years previous. This makes him the youngest ever Disney villain (Should you don’t rely Sid from Toy Story. I personally don’t; he was only a child, and nobody advised him that toys have been alive…).

67. Hook Was Too Lovable

Walt Disney himself particularly ordered that Captain Hook not die on the finish of Peter Pan. The enduring animator had an eye fixed for decent mental property; he predicted followers would love this bumbling buccaneer, and which means Hook’s right here to remain.

68. Gaston’s Quarter-Life Disaster

Gaston is just 25 years previous. Truthfully? That makes plenty of sense now that I consider it.

69. Gaston 2.0

Gaston was primarily based on Magnificence and the Beast co-screenwriter Linda Woolverton’s ex-boyfriends. Nonetheless, he was additionally primarily based on the character of Avenant, a really comparable bro-type from Jean Cocteau’s 1946 adaptation of the identical fairy story. After all, Disney remodeled him from Cocteau’s extra foppish aristocrat suitor to the jock we all know and hate.

70. From Huge Boss to Dangerous Dangerous

Ratigan from The Nice Mouse Detective was modeled after the CEO of Disney, Ron Miller. You possibly can’t blame them: Miller was 6’6” and occurred to be a former participant for the Los Angeles Rams soccer group, so he minimize a reasonably imposing determine.

71. The Worth We Pay

The unique design for Ratigan was initially extra “skinny, weasely, and ratlike.” Nonetheless, the casting of Vincent Worth because the voice actor impressed the animators to transform the character to higher match the famously smooth, expressive actor.

72. He Was A “Automobile Salesman Sort”

James Woods ad-libbed a lot of Hades’ dialogue in Hercules. He was “primarily based on a Hollywood agent, a automotive salesman sort”—and he was onerous to maintain up with. The most troublesome a part of bringing the God of Loss of life to life was getting the velocity of his animation to match Wooden’s fast-talking efficiency. 

73. John Ratcliffe Comes From The Historical past Books

Thus far, John Ratcliffe from Pocahontas is the one animated Disney villain to be primarily based straight on an actual historic individual. That it, until Ursula actually is hiding beneath the waves and we’ve simply by no means managed to search out her.

74. Iago’s Different Persona

Iago was initially to be a severe, dignified British parrot. However then the graceful and sultry sounds of Gilbert Gottfried in Beverly Hills Cop II seduced the animators. Gottfried gained the half, and the animation group even modified the parrot’s design to offer him a semblance of the actor’s half-lidded eyes and omnipresent enamel.

75. It’s Simply A Nickname

Though most of us know Minnie by her quick and candy nickname, her full title is definitely Minerva Mouse.

76. Dastardly Daycare

Within the live-action Maleficent film, three of Angelina Jolie’s kids (Pax, Zahara, and Vivienne) make cameo appearances.

77. Kaa Wasn’t All the time The Enemy

Poor snake can’t catch a break: Kaa in The Jungle E-book was purported to be Mowgli’s ally. Within the Disney film, he was demoted to side-antagonist.

78. You Speaking to Me?

Robert De Niro was John Lasseter’s first option to play Hopper in A Bug’s Life. Sadly, De Niro repeatedly turned the half down. On the 1995 Oscars, Lasseter met Kevin Spacey, who enthusiastically signed on to the animated flick.

79. The Evil Queen Had a Actual Title

The Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs truly has a reputation: She goes by “Grimhilde.”

80. Woody Was A Ventriloquist Dummy

It’s troublesome to think about Woody as something aside from an lovable cowboy doll—however horrifyingly, the preliminary idea envisioned him as a ventriloquist dummy.

81. Disney’s Repeat Offender

Eleanor Audley did the voices for Girl Tremaine in Cinderella, Maleficent in Sleeping Magnificence, and even Madame Leota within the well-known Disneyland journey, The Haunted Mansion. That’s a reasonably good resume!

82. The Reality Behind The Horns

The horns on Angelina Jolie’s costume in Maleficent have been designed by skilled fetishwear makers. Appears apparent now that I do know.

83. The Lion King Had A Creepy Aspect

The Insanity of King Scar” was a deleted track in The Lion King. With Nala singing, it was centered round a creepy deleted encounter between her and Scar. In accordance with leftover storyboards, Scar was interested by his want for a mate and cubs to proceed his line. He comes throughout Nala, who spurns his advances. At her rejection, Scar sends his hyenas to chase Nala off.

Though it was finally reworked and included in Lion King: The Musical—with Scar, Zazu, the hyenas, and Nala singing—let’s be grateful, for our childhoods’ sakes, that this cinematic courtship was left on the reducing room ground.

84. The Refrain Line

Among the many all-stars who lined as much as voice Ursula the Sea Witch have been Bea Arthur, Roseanne Bar, and Elaine Stritch. The function finally went to Pat Carroll.

85. Gaston’s Altered Demise

Should you’re “fortunate,” you would possibly come throughout the grittier ending of Great thing about the Beast, during which Gaston’s loss of life is way much less ambiguous and a little bit extra graphic. Some cuts of the ending function a shot of skulls in Gaston’s child blue eyes as he plummets to his finish on the movie’s climax. Within the script, the playboy additionally screams “Time to die!” on the Beast, as a substitute of “Belle is mine!” however this was additionally minimize for being too intense.

86. Gaston Obtained Off Straightforward

Gaston was purported to die like Scar from The Lion King. Within the unique drafts for Magnificence and the Beast, Gaston was meant to initially survive his fall off the cliff, solely to be devoured by wolves. Disney deemed this loss of life too grotesque for a human being. For fratricidal lions, although? Bon appetit.

87. Hercules And Ariel Are Associated

If you wish to get technical about it, Hercules and Ariel are cousins. You see, Hercules is the son of Zeus, who’s the brother of Poseidon, who fathered Triton—Ariel’s father. I suppose it’s a small world in spite of everything.

88. Who Shot Bambi’s Mom?

The hunter accountable for the demise of Bambi’s mom was initially credited as “Man,” however an early draft of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was going to disclose that her killer was in reality none aside from Choose Doom!

89. A Well-known Display Siren Impressed The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a mix of two completely different ladies: actresses Joan Crawford and Lucille LaVerne. The queen’s unsettling gaze, sturdy jaw, and arched brows have been a direct affect of the display siren, Joan Crawford. Nonetheless, Lucille Laverne not solely lent her voice to the function, however her physique actions have been additionally a reference for the queen’s dramatic transformation into the witch.

90. Why Couldn’t Dopey Communicate?

Dopey is the famously mute character in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However this wasn’t all the time the case. You see, initially, the script had many traces for him. The studio even employed the well-known voice actor Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) to deliver Dopey to life. Nonetheless, it simply wasn’t meant to be.

Walt Disney, sad with the recording, minimize ALL of Dopey’s traces. Blanc’s voice is just audible at any time when Dopey hiccups.

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