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These Are The Characters Who Were Killed off Because of The Actor's Behavior

Let’s talk about the thespians who’ve been unceremoniously dumped into the character recycling bin, only to be heard from again on reruns and reunions. These are the characters who were killed off because of the actor’s behavior.

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#1 Shannen Doherty

Since her Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000) days, Shannen Doherty hasn't exactly had a reputation for being easy to work with. After being fired from 90210 for alleged drama with castmates and crew members, the breakout starlet seemed to have had her comeuppance when Charmed debuted in 1998.

#2 John Amos

John Amos starred as James Evans on Good Times, a show about an African-American family living in the projects and making the most of their situation. The series debuted in 1974 and soared to popularity. However, when the second season started, Amos threatened to leave the show due to the negative images he felt that it portrayed of African-American culture.

#3 Charlie Sheen

Lorre ceased production on the eighth season of the series. In the Season 9 premiere, Lorre had Sheen's character, Charlie Harper, hit by a train and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Sounds like the showrunner was #winning that feud.

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